Exploring The Link Between Diabetes and Podiatry

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Hello, I’m Rina Elga. Welcome to my website. My grandparents and mom visit a podiatrist on a regular basis to have their feet and legs checked for problems associated with diabetes. Uncontrolled blood sugar can wreak havoc on the extremities. If my family members do not appropriately control their symptoms, wounds often appear on the legs and feet. All of the wounds need regular care to heal due to the lack of blood flow to the legs and feet. Swelling often makes healing slow down even more. The podiatrist cleans out the wounds and applies bandages that help promote healing. I would like to explore the link between diabetes and podiatry more on my site. Please follow along to learn all you can about this interesting subject. Thanks for coming by.

The Dos And Don’ts Of Caring For A Sprained Ankle

Ankle sprains are quite common and can happen in a number of situations. Whether you sprain your ankle while playing a sport, tripping down a few stairs, or simply taking a wrong step in a pair of high heels, the fact remains that you’ll want to treat the injury...