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Protect Yourself: 4 Ways To Avoid Ankle Injuries While You Run

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If you've been dealing with constant ankle pain, you may need to change the way you do things. This is particularly true when it comes to the way you work out. You may not realize this, but there's an art to avoiding ankle pain, sprains, and strains while you work out. Here are four steps you should take to avoid ankle pain.

Choose the Right Athletic Shoes

Before you start running, it's crucial that you choose the right athletic shoes. It's not enough that you have the right size shoes for your feet. Proper athletic footwear goes beyond size. When choosing a pair of athletic shoes, make sure they conform to the shape and structure of your feet. You need the right arch and heel support, as well as the right size toe box. It's also crucial that you choose a shoe that's designed for running. You can't get proper support while running when you choose a shoe that's designed for walking.

Take Time to Warm Up

When you're on a tight schedule, or you're just anxious to get out and run,you might cut your warm-up short. In fact, you might eliminate it all together. Unfortunately, that's an easy way to increase your risk of ankle pain and sprains. Cold, tight muscles and joints react differently during exercise, which makes you more susceptible to injuries. To reduce the risk, you need to spend adequate time warming up before you head out on your daily runs. This is important whether you're running around a track, in the foothills, or along city streets.

Rely on a Good Brace

If you're prone to ankle pain and sprains, you need to use a good brace. The additional support that ankle braces provide help reduce the occurrence of ankle injuries. However, you need to have a brace that is designed for your specific ankle size, shape and needs. If you're unsure about the type of ankle brace you need, spend some time with your podiatrist. They can help you choose a brace that will provide maximum strength and protection for your ankles.

Keep the Pathway Smooth

When it comes to avoiding ankle injuries, the best thing you can do is stick to smooth and clear pathways. Running on uneven surfaces increases your risk of ankle injuries. One wrong step and you'll end up rolling your ankle, which can lead to painful injuries. If you plan on running through the hills around your home, be sure to watch the path in front of you. Avoid areas that are covered with rocks and debris. The smoother the surface, the safer your ankles will be.

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