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4 Ways To Ease Your Bunions Without Surgery

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It is hard to wear your favorite pair of shoes when you have bunions. A bunion is a bump that forms on the joint at the bottom of your big toe. If this condition is making your life unbearable, then it is time to seek treatment. Here are four treatment options to consider before resorting to surgery.

Protect Your Bump with Pads

A gel-filled or moleskin pad protects your bunion. This pad works by minimizing the pressure from wearing your shoes. It covers your bump, prevents rubbing and stops friction from bed sheets. The main point is to keep the bump from becoming inflamed and aching when coming in contact with objects.  The moleskin pads are placed inside of your shoe and can be found at your local pharmacy. It is also important to replace the pads when they are dirty or worn out. If not, the pads will lose their effectiveness.

Use A Splint

A splint is one of the ways to alleviate pain from your bunions without surgery. It is worn to relieve pressure on your toes. Bunions may cause your toe to stick out, which is corrected with a splint. It helps your toes to point in the proper direction or to lay straight. You should wear the splint at night. It also prevent your toes from curling and rubbing against each other.

Warm Water And Ice Packs

If you want immediate relief, then you should try warm water and ice packs. It helps to soak your feet in warm water and place an ice pack over them. This treatment can ease pain and help with swelling.

Custom Made Orthotics

Orthotics can be worn to relieve pressure on your bump. It helps to get your orthotics custom made. If not, you could end up with a device that increases pressure and cause more bunion problems.

A clinic that specializes in the foot and ankle can make you a custom orthotic. You want an orthotic that helps your first metatarsal bone to point downwards towards the floor. Holding your foot in this position decreases pressure to your big toe.

Surgery is a big step and a major operation. You also have to give yourself time to recover. It helps to understand that surgery does not have to be your first choice. There are treatment options that does not require going under the knife. If you are unsure about where to start, then you should schedule an appointment with a foot doctor at Affiliated Ankle & Foot Care Center.