Exploring The Link Between Diabetes and Podiatry

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Podiatrists Employ New-Age Laser Treatments And Herbal Medicines To Treat Foot Problems

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Why is there such growth in podiatry care in America?  Age statistics drive the need for foot care, and diabetes disease continues to rise all over the country. Diabetes and other medical conditions require specialized treatment to stave off surgical procedures that might cause you to lose your limbs. Revenue from podiatry care in 2012 was expected to reach an annual total of $4.7 billion. Researchers were projecting even higher revenues in 2014 as a result of the new Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act that was initiated in 2010. There are numerous types of foot conditions for which you must seek podiatry care.

Laser Treatments For Toenail Fungus

A new trend in podiatry foot care is laser care for thickened toenails that show white and yellow blotches. If you don't seek treatment for this condition, it will worsen. A malodor will later develop in the nail areas. By then, your podiatrist may diagnose the problem as onychomycosis. No over-the-counter products can rid your nails of this fungus. You can ask your podiatrist about laser treatments that are approved by the FDA. Laser treatments for onychomycosis and other podiatry problems are highly recommended by podiatry and dermatology professionals.

Holistic Treatments Embraced By Podiatrists

Holistic treatments are as old as the aging process. Now, however, podiatrists are reaching back into time and recommending that you use herbal medicines for foot ailments and especially for improving circulation in your lower extremities. Podiatrists also suggest that you use ginger, cayenne pepper, fish oil and vitamin C among other ingredients to benefit your feet. Including a proper sublingual vitamin B Complex, with B-12 ingredients, provides good maintenance, which ensures healthy nervous tissue. Ask your physician about this vitamin.

What podiatrists are also doing is to pair the herbs with practice periods of new-age biofeedback relaxation techniques and Epsom salt foot baths. Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation and yoga is also being recommended.

Mites Cause Itchy Feet

Did you know that mites may be responsible for the horrendous itching of your ankles and feet? Symptoms include blisters and rashes and the need to scratch those areas continuously. Consult with your podiatrist when you experience this type of itching. You will require prescription medicines to get rid of the mites in order to be cured of the itching.

If you are experiencing numbness or tingling in your feet, those symptoms are generally associated with diabetes. Foot swelling may indicate cardiac disease. You can enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle when you take steps to have your foot problems addressed. Contact a local podiatrist, like Aiken Maurice W, DPM PA, for a consultation. A podiatrist will recommend a treatment plan, designed for your unique problem, following your initial podiatry consultation. Do not miss any of those appointments.