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Four Signs That It's Time To Visit A Podiatrist

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When it comes to managing your health, you know that seeing a chiropractor for back pain and visiting a massage therapist for relaxation are ways to keep your body feeling good. To take ownership over the health of your feet, it's important to include a podiatrist among your ensemble of health practitioners. Podiatrists can help your feet and ankles in numerous ways, which can drastically improve your quality of life. Not sure when you should schedule an appointment with this foot expert? If you're experiencing any of these four issues, it's time to pick up the phone.

Pain When You Walk

Although pain in the sole of your foot can occur for several reasons, one common cause is plantar fasciitis. This inflammatory condition can make each step you take throughout the day feel miserable and prompt you to avoid standing and walking. A visit to the podiatrist will not only diagnose the issue, but will also provide you with solutions to alleviate the pain and fix the condition, such as exercises, custom orthotics to wear in your shoes and lifestyle suggestions such as losing weight.

Athlete's Foot

A case of athlete's foot, which is a fungal infection that makes your feet itchy, inflamed and painful, is easy to rectify with a visit to the podiatrist. You'll receive topical cream that will drastically alleviate your uncomfortable symptoms and also get some suggestions about how to avoid future flare-ups. For example, your podiatrist might recommend changing your socks a couple times throughout the day or tossing your old, bacteria-laden running shoes into the garbage and buying a new pair.

Cracked Or Painful Heels

Issues affecting your heels can be moderate or severe. If your heels are cracked, your podiatrist will diagnose the reason for the situation, which could be the use of improper footwear or a skin condition you didn't know you had. If your heels are painful, you might have a heel spur that is causing inflammation. An X-ray can help the podiatrist determine the extent of your heel spur to help develop a treatment plan.

Bunions, Corns and Calluses

Many people get embarrassed about bunions, corns and calluses on their feet, but the reality is that these issues can affect your quality of life because of their discomfort. Don't suffer because of your embarrassment. Podiatrists commonly deal with these issues and an appointment will provide you with everything from cream that helps the problem to suggestions of the best shoes to wear.

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