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3 Signs That You Should Visit A Foot Doctor

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 Your feet are tough, they take quite a beating in your day-to-day life. Most of the time resting is more then sufficient to make your feet feel better. Of course, that doesn't mean your feet are invincible. There are several things that can happen that will require professional help. Luckily, your feet are pretty good at letting you know something is wrong with them. So, if you've been experiencing any of the following you should see the doctor, like...


Your feet should look pretty much the same at all times. So if you notice them changing colors on you, you could have a problem. Problems like chronic redness and swelling can indicate that you could have gout, which can be problematic. If you have gout you'll experience severe problems when trying to walk. Of course, this could also indicate an infection as well, which should be dealt with before it becomes a bigger problem. Likewise,  if your feet seem abnormally pale, there could be a problem with bloodflow in your feet. Still, if you experience any persistent discoloration of any kind you should consult a podiatrist immediately. 

Burning, Tingling, or Numbness

Any of these three signs could be signs of serious problems with neuropathy. This can point to serious conditions such as diabetes, which can endanger you if you haven't been diagnosed with it. Of course, if the nerves in your feet are acting up you really need to get a professional's opinion. If left untreated you can be at higher risk for ulcers which can make walking exceptionally painful. 

Severe Pain After Surgery

If you've had any sort of surgery on your feet, some pain is expected. However, you really shouldn't ever be in a situation where the pain last more than 24 hours. If you find yourself with long lasting pain you shouldn't be afraid to consult your podiatrist. A complication could have occurred such as infection or other serious problems. Remember, while the problem could be much benign in nature such as the bandages being simply too tight, it's better to be safe than sorry. If the problem is serious, further complications can arise, so there's no need to risk it just because it might be a simple fix.

With your feet being as important as they are you really should consider getting them checked out (by professionals such as those from Center for Foot Care) if you're experiencing any of the above symptoms. That way you can get properly treated and back on your feet as quickly as possible or perhaps avoid any downtime altogether.